Abuzar is 9 months old and the size of a newborn…he weighs about 7 lbs. He has a number of heart defects and has been refused by 4 doctors in Pakistan. He has also been refused by doctors in the UK, the US and India. However, there are a handful of pediatric cardiac surgeons that go into underdeveloped countries and work on babies like Abuzar. By the Grace of God, Abuzar has gotten an appointment with one of those surgeons. He will be meeting this surgeon during the first week of October at a hospital in Pakistan.
If the doctor assesses him and believes he can do the initial surgery, the surgery is free but there are hospital and travel costs. We need to raise about 6000USD for Abuzar’s trip to Pakistan and his peri-operative care.


Abuzar underwent surgery yesterday. Dr Novick informed us the operation went well and he is very happy with Abuzar’s progress. He is recovering in ICU and the next 24-48 hours are critical. Below is a photo of little Abuzar recovering in ICU. Please keep him in your prayers that he makes a full recovery and is able to lead a long and healthy life!

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign to get Abuzar the operation to save his life and thank you to the Novick Cardiac Alliance for taking on Abuzar’s case.















Abuzar is doing really well and we are all very happy. We are letting him rest today and will try him off the ventilator tomorrow hopefully.

Abuzar Day 2


















Abuzar is doing great and today I got a cuddle!! He is still in love with his thumb- doesn’t want the pacifier!

He is eating great. Still fluid restricted but shouting at us for food!!

Abuzar Day 7-1 Abuzar Day 7-2

Abuzar Day 12

Abuzar is now 12 days post-op and is doing great! He will be discharged in two days time and will have a follow up appointment before he heads back home with his parents. Here he is pictured above with his nurse – they both adore one another!


Abuzar has now been discharged from hospital. He will return to the hospital for another checkup before he travels back to his home. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated to pay for Abuzar’s hospital costs, without the funding, we could not have sent him for his operation. We would also like to give our thanks to Novick Cardiac Alliance for performing the surgery and saving little Abuzar’s life – the whole team were absolutely amazing!

Abuzar will require more heart surgeries as he gets older but for now, our little miracle will return home to rest and recuperate – he’s been on quite an adventure!


Abuzar three weeks post-op; he’s gained 700g and is thriving!

Abuzar Three Weeks Post Op


************************ABUZAR IS HOME!!*************************

Abuzar is now home and is putting on weight, has energy and is very aware of his surroundings. He’s happy and full of smiles for everyone. THANK YOU to everyone for supporting Abuzar and his family, they are truly thankful to everyone who saved their son’s life. Abuzar will need another heart surgery when he is older but for now, he is happy and healthy!!




Zwan Family Charity was again blessed to get a visit from Abuzar.

Abuzar is up to 7kg and has a beautifully healthy appetite.

He was taken off all medications and is now beginning to live the life of a normal little boy.

His parents smile the entire time they are with us and Abuzar loves them both very much.

Thank you to EVERY single person that helped us to get Abuzar his new life.


Abuzar pics-3

***UPDATE – October 2016***

Just to let everyone know that Abuzar visited our clinic recently – he’s a little small but is doing GREAT!!

He has a  cold right now so he was a little miserable. He came along with his very proud Dad and we were able to see that his parents have done an amazing job with Abuzar. He continues to gain weight which is great news as he was so scrawny when we met him! It’s been 1 year since his operation in which he was given only a 5% chance of surviving so we are extremely happy to see he is growing and thriving!

We will continue to monitor his progress and update Abuzar’s followers!




***UPDATE – August 2017***

It’s been almost 2 years since Abuzar underwent his surgery and he is doing great! However, the original conduit is now getting too small and he requires another surgery to insert a larger one into his heart. We are in touch with Novick Cardiac Alliance to organise the surgery in the very near future. Keep visiting Abuzar’s page for all the latest updates!


Abuzar at our clinic – August 2017

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