Awarded Grants


Zwan Family Charity is extremely pleased to announce it has been awarded its first grant from the Karen Woo Foundation, a grant giving charity based in the United Kingdom. The grant for GBP 2,000 will fund bi-annual dental check up’s and necessary treatment for over 100 children of Shamsa Village Orphanage in Kabul. We will also promote to the children and their carers the importance of good dental hygiene.

Dr Karen Woo was a much respected Doctor and advocate of medical treatment for impoverished Afghan women and children living in extremely remote area’s of the country and where very little or no access to medical facilities was available. Tragically, Karen, along with her colleagues who were on a medical aid mission, were ambushed and killed in August 2010 in Nuristan Province.

The Karen Woo Foundation was formed to continue Karen’s work, her legacy has benefited many communities throughout Afghanistan. To read more about Karen and the Foundation’s projects in Afghanistan, please visit their web site:

Zwan Family Charity extends its warm and heartfelt gratitude to the Karen Woo Foundation for supporting our project with Shamsa Village Orphanage.



We have commenced the project and all is going very well! We have been surprised that the children have been very brave and not shed one tear!

Below are a couple of photos of 2 of the children we recently took the Dental Clinic.








Phase 1 of the Shamsa Dental Program is now complete. We saw 105 children in the dentists chair getting their teeth cleaned and where needed, fillings and extractions. Many of the children had never visited a dentist before so it was amazing to watch how brave they were!

The children will visit the dentist again in 6 months time as part of their bi-annual dental check ups. We hope to see less children requiring nothing more than a clean of their healthy smiles!

Thank you again to the Karen Woo Foundation for providing the funds for this project and Dr Tamim for giving up his time to ensure the children received thorough dental examinations.




***UPDATE – February 2017***

We have commenced the second phase of the dental project with the orphans of Shamsa Village. We have seen an improvement in the condition of the children’s teeth from their first visit. We spent time teaching the children and their carers how to keep their teeth and gums healthy and promoted the benefits of good oral hygiene.

We anticipate the second phase will be completed by the end of February 2017. Pictured below are some of the children showing their beautiful smiles after their check ups!