Bassina sufferes from Aplastic Anemia. Her bone marrow does not produce blood as it is supposed to. She is currently on immunosuppressant therapy to help slow the process however, the “possible” cure is a bone marrow transplant.


Bassina and her family visited us recently to have their DNA collected to see if she has a bone marrow match in her family. So many families in Central Asia are relatives marrying relatives. This is not the case in this family so her chances of a bone marrow match have dropped significantly. We hope that Bassina has a donor in her family!



Only 70% of people who require bone marrow transplants ever find a matching donor…lets pray that Bassina is one of them!

***UPDATE – January 2017*** We are delighted to announce that the DNA test results on Bassina has shown she has a total match in her family – her little baby brother! We will need to wait for around 6 months before any procedure can take place due to the baby being so young. But this is absolutely fantastic news!

***UPDATE – July 2017*** Bassina’s chart was handed to the people of the Sankalp Foundation and Cure2Children so that we can move forward on managing her case – this is very exciting news!

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