Broselow Tapes for Afghanistan



Afghanistan is a vibrant country full of history. The people are some of the most hospitable people in the world.

However, this beautiful country has now had 40 years of war which has left it with an almost non-existent medical infrastructure.

We have personally been able to work with many of the doctors in Afghanistan and we are repeatedly amazed by the work they do with very few resources and limited access to quality equipment.

Zwan Family Charity is working to provide 1000 Afghan Pediatric doctors and nurses with Broselow Tapes in an effort to help bring standardized medical care to Afghanistan.

Each tape is being purchased at 20USD each. With the cost of the tapes along with the funding fee’s, we need USD 22,000 to complete this project.

For every tape purchased, we can help a healthcare professional save a child’s life! Visit our GoFundMe page to donate, click HERE!



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