Community Service Projects

Zwan Family Charity holds one Community Service Project each quarter.


Dental Hygiene Awareness at Shamsa Village Orphanage

During December 2016, we were visited by a wonderful volunteer, Chi. She assisted our dentist in our Dental Hygiene Awareness program at Shamsa Village Orphanage.

The orphans were taught about the importance of dental hygiene and how to clean their teeth properly so that they avoid cavities developing which lead to needing fillings or in some cases, extractions.

The children are due their next 6 month check up very soon! Chi was a wonderful help to the project and the kids loved her! Thank you, Chi!




CPR Training for Window of Hope Orphanage

Zwan Family Charity connected Window of Hope Orphanage with the staff of Westex Medical Solutions to go out to the orphanage and teach the staff CPR and how to use an AED.
The training concentrated on child and infant CPR due to the environment in which they work.

They were absolutely FANTASTIC and we were happy to be a part of it as well as seeing all the children again!






American University of Afghanistan Blood Drive 2015

Zwan Family Charity and the Community Service Club at AUAF worked in conjunction with Afghanistan’s Central Blood Bank to collect blood donations from the student body to be used for medical emergencies. The aim of the Blood Drive was to teach the young Afghan’s the virtue of giving and falls under our Afghan’s Helping Afghan’s Initiative.

A total of 157 students and Faculty staff donated 78.5 litres of blood – a huge turnout for a cold November day! We hope to attract a larger number of blood donors for our 2016 Blood Drive!


Read more by clicking on the link:

AUAF Blood Drive