Corporate Donors

Zwan Family Charity proudly welcomes Rosenstock Legal Services to our Corporate Donor family. Thank you to the Management and staff for their generous support!

Rosenstock Legal Services (RLS) is a commercial legal consultancy founded in Kabul in 2010. RLS advises clients in entity formation, transactional matters, early stage dispute resolution, and, through our team of locally qualified attorneys, advises on matters of Afghan law including taxation, registration, criminal law, and employment law, and other interaction with Afghan government departments. RLS has also worked on a range of development projects with various agencies and partners, aiming to contribute to the development and strengthening of the business and legal environments in Afghanistan. With combined expertise in legal practice in the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, and Afghanistan, and with over eight years of experience in Kabul, RLS is uniquely qualified to combine international best practice with extensive local experience.

RLS’ Core Principles are:

  • Providing international companies and organizations with international caliber legal services applicable to the Afghan environment;

  • Helping Afghan companies do business with the international community on an equal footing;

  • Contributing to the development of the private and legal sectors in Afghanistan.

    Visit RSL at




Raven Rae Resources have been a valuable support to Zwan Family Charity almost from the beginning of our charity. They have held numerous 24 & 30 hour marathons and have supported other fundraising events we have held. We value the vital support Raven Rae Resources have given to many of our campaigns and warmly welcome the Management and staff to our Corporate Donor page!

To learn more about Raven Rae Resources, please visit their website by clicking here



Best Friends Travel Agency is the latest member of our Corporate Donors. They have kindly agreed to waiving all administrative costs for Zwan Family Charity patients who need to fly overseas for treatment. We warmly welcome Best Friends Travel Agency to our family and look forward to a long, professional relationship.

Best Friends Travel Agency are based in Kabul and cater for all travel and visa requirements. Contact them on +93 (0) 202-213-491, cell phone +93 (0) 786-199-880/+93 (0) 729-591-000, email or visit their website Best Friends Travel & Tours or Facebook page Best Friends Travel & Tours.



We extend a warm welcome to our Corporate Donors Page Taylors International who donated at no cost to Zwan Family Charity a delicious BBQ feast at our recent 30 Hour Ultra Marathon/Rose Garden Supper. We are extremely grateful to all the Management and staff for the hard work they put into making the BBQ a success!

To learn more about Taylors International, please visit their website:


FT 2

Zwan Family Charity extends a warm welcome to Future Terrains to our Corporate Donor Family and would like to take this opportunity in thank the Management & Staff for their extremely generous donation towards our Keep Qambar Warm Campaign; their donation will provide shelter to 40 families.

Future Terrains is a social enterprise dedicated to tackling challenges in degraded places. They work to restore degraded environments and enhance people’s lives.

To learn more about Future Terrains or if you wish to contact them, please click on the links below:


Twitter @FutureTerrains


They can also be contacted direct at



Zwan Family Charity wishes to give a special thank you to the Management and Staff of Caddell Construction for recently donating towards funding the treatment and living expenses for Deba, our Thalassemia patient. Their donation will make a huge difference to getting Deba the treatment she urgently requires.


Anham Logo

Zwan Family Charity wishes to extend its gratitude to Anham for recently supporting our 20 Orphans to India Campaign, we greatly appreciate their support!

ANHAM is one of the industry leaders in Food Supply, Logistics and Maintenance, formed in 2004 and has been and continues to be the lead USG contractor in difficult to deliver countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently operates the largest contract for food supply outside the USA.

Visit Anham at


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Zwan Family Charity welcomes Parks Global Solutions to our Corporate Donor Family. Parks Global Solutions have recently donated towards sponsoring a child from our Disabled Children to India Campaign, took part in our recent 30 Hour Marathon to raise funds for the Keep Qambar Camp Warm Campaign and have made a considerable contribution to the Thalassemia Sisters costs in India while they undergo treatment.

Zwan Family Charity extends its gratitude to the Management and staff for their continued and valuable support of our work.

To learn more about the services of Parks Global Solutions, please visit their website:  or contact:


New Jan Group

New Jan Group recently hosted two fundraising evenings which raised over $1000! Part of the funds have been used towards the costs for baby Abuzar who is currently with the wonderful team of Novick Cardiac Alliance, the rest of the money has been put into a fund for Samiullah’s heart surgery and our Orphan Influenza Vaccination campaign.  Zwan Family Charity extends our heartfelt gratitude to the Management and all the staff who organized the evenings and the patrons who so generously donated to us.

New Jan Risk Management Company is a Afghan owned, Western managed professional organization that supports is clients with economical customer focused risk and security support services.  Their services include but may not be limited too, physical security and risk assessments, armored transportation, fixed and mobile security services, counter surveillance technical support, secure logistic support, and other consultation services.

For further information, New Jan Group can be contacted at


Novick Logo

Novick Cardiac Alliance is a foundation who travel to developing countries to treat patients with little or no access to healthcare facilities and have the expertise and capabilities to treat patients with advanced cardiac illnesses and abnormalities.

Novick Cardiac Alliance accepted our sweet Abuzar after he was turned down by Cardiologists in other countries; we are extremely grateful to Dr Novick and his team for agreeing to see Abuzar.

To learn more about the amazing work of Novick Cardiac Alliance, please visit their website or their Facebook page



Zwan Family Charity thanks Cure2Children for its donations of testing supplies, collection education and bone marrow match testing. The life saving work they do is amazing!!!

To learn more about the work of Cure2Children, visit their website



Clinical Pathology Services


Clinical Pathology Services LLC provided Behesta with advanced blood testing at no cost to the charity, this was a vital piece of the case.

To find out more about CPS, please visit their website


Q Kabul Logo

Q Kabul Hotel has given generous support to Zwan Family Charity and hosted our first Grand Prize Raffle Draw in 2015 at the hotel. Q Kabul Hotel continue to support our work by sponsoring children who are in urgent need of medical treatment and hosting fundraising events for us throughout the year.

Zwan Family Charity wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Management and all the staff for their invaluable support.

To find out more about Q Kabul Hotel, please visit them at




Westex Medical Services is our sister company. They provide the charity with medications and equipment at cost thus reducing our overheads and allowing us to help more people.

To find out more about Westex Medical Services, please visit them at