This is Fatima. This sweet little girl is 4 months old and has a VERY large hole in her heart. She requires surgery that can be done at a hospital in Lahore. This hospital has a cardiologist that is able to perform the surgery and has the facilities and nursing staff to perform the post surgical care. The surgery has a 60% survival rate. She really has no chance of survival without the surgery. The family did try to go to the hospital on their own but were turned away because they did not have enough money to pay.

***UPDATE***  Fatima’s heart surgery has now been fully funded thanks to the generous donations of supporters from around the world. Zwan Family Charity wishes to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have donated to ensure this sweet little girl has a chance to lead a full and healthy life.

A quote from one of our donors when he was informed we had reached our goal for Fatima’s surgery:

“I pray God sends His legions of angels to guide the hands and actions of the surgeons so heaven and earth (her parents and donors) can rejoice in a life saved and future awarded. Thank you for the opportunity and honor to be of service.”
***UPDATE*** Fatima was unable to undergo surgery as her kidney’s weren’t functioning properly. She returned home with her parents and has been put on a course of medicine to help her kidneys. Fatima is seriously ill, we hope you will all join us in praying her speedy recovery and that she can return to hospital for her much needed heart surgery.
If you wish to make a donation to The Nawid Memorial Fund to help other children like Fatima with cardiac diseases and abnormalities, please click here. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

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