Hamadullah’s Bone Marrow Transplant Appeal


Zwan Family Charity is working to raise 5000USD to aid in funding a bone marrow transplant for an 8 year old Afghan boy with Aplastic Anemia. He has been accepted by Cure2Children (www.cure2children.org) out of Italy. Cure2Children is funding 12,000USD of the transplant. Zwan Family Charity has committed to funding 5000USD.

Hamadullah is from Afghanistan. The family is living in Pakistan at the moment to receive Hamadullah’s much needed medical care. Hamadullah’s father is an electrician and does little odd jobs to bring in money for the family but he cannot work full time as he does not have a work permit. Hamadullah’s mother is a traditional Afghan who stays home and cares for the family.

Hamadullah is an urgent case and has been under care of Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital in Islamabad and they are ready for him to have his transplant.

Hamdullah’s 3 year old sister, Iqra, was his donor. Sadly, Iqra suffered a severe reaction to the anaesthesia and she died from Disseminated Intravascular  Coagulation (DIC) on the first day of Ramazan. However, her marrow was harvested and can be used in the transplant procedure.

We are delighted to inform our supporters that Hamadullah’s campaign is now fully funded! Thank you to everyone who donated, your donation has made a huge difference to Hamadullah!

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