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This page is dedicated to the memories of the patients of Zwan Family Charity


Nawid Memorial Fund Photo (2)

Nawid ~ Born Afghanistan 2012, died India 2015


IMG_3929 (2)

Fatima ~ Born Afghanistan 2015, died Afghanistan 2015



Mr Waseem ~ born Afghanistan 1982, died Pakistan 2015

A much loved Husband, Father, Son and Brother.


abdullah 2

Abdullah ~ born Unknown, died Afghanistan 2015



Mr Abdul Qadeer ~ Born Afghanistan, died Afghanistan 2016



Bibi Hawa ~ Born Afghanistan 2015, died Afghanistan 2016


Zarghuna ~ Born Afghanistan 2003, died Afghanistan 2016

We do not have a photo of Zarghuna but she was a patient of ours waiting for surgery for severe cardiac defects. We wanted to honor the memory of this brave and exceptional little girl.



Mustafa ~ Born Afghanistan circa 2014, died Afghanistan 2016


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