The Nawid Memorial Fund


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The Nawid Memorial Fund

Nawid’s travel and surgery was funded through generous personal donations.

Zwan Family Charity saw that Nawid was an extremely sick little boy but made the decision to take him to New Delhi for further evaluation.

The hospital had four separate Cardiologists evaluate Nawid as he was a serious case.

The decision was made to go forward with surgery done by catheter. This did not require anesthesia.

The Pediatric Interventional Cardiologist went into Nawid’s aorta and dilated the strangled area.

Nawid tolerated the procedure well and was moved to Pediatric ICU for observation.

Four hours later, Nawid’s aorta began to spasm which put an excessive load on his already damaged heart. The fluid began to back up into his lungs.

Nawid died of complications due to surgery in New Delhi.

Zwan Family Charity covered all expenses involved with the movement of his body back to Afghanistan and back to his home province.

Zwan Family Charity honors Nawid and his gentle spirit by introducing The Nawid Memorial Fund. A portion of all donations will be allocated to the Nawid Memorial Fund to specifically help children suffering cardiac disease and abnormalities. The funds donated will be used specifically to fund children in need of heart surgery. These funds will be kept separated from the general funds.

Nawid now rests in peace and is no longer burdened with the difficulties of his damaged heart.

Nawid’s spirit will live on in each child whose heart is repaired through the efforts of Zwan Family Charity and The Nawid Memorial Fund.

Rest in peace, our sweet angel, Nawid.


If you wish to make a donation to The Nawid Memorial Fund, please click HERE

All funds received will be used to pay for cardiac surgeries and all related costs for the duration of the patients treatment which includes travel, accommodation for a parent/carer, visas and medicines.

Thank you for supporting The Nawid Memorial Fund.

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