Nik Mohammad


This is Nik Mohammed; we believe he is around 11 – 12 years old, he is unsure of how old he is. His father was killed by the Taliban and his Mother remarried so he was placed in an Orphanage. Nik has a perforated ear drum and as you can see from the photo, his other ear is deformed. We are currently raising money to send him abroad for reconstructive surgery to give this handsome young man a new ear!! Nik needs the ear drum in his other ear fixed; if the hearing ability continues to disintegrate after surgery, we will need to consider a cochlear operation.

We have already received a donation of $1500 towards Nik’s case but this is a large case so we will require more funding. Nik is currently undergoing a vaccination program in order for him to be able to travel for treatment outside of Afghanistan. We have contacted an ENT Consultant in New Delhi, India, who has devised a treatment plan and a plastic surgery plan of care. We are hoping Nik will be travelling to India as soon as the visa process is complete.

**UPDATE**  Nik Mohammad is now fully funded!! Thank you to our generous donors and we will update you once Nik begins treatment.




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