Two year old Omar is from eastern Afghanistan and suffers from Thalassemia Major. Omar was brought to Zwan Family Charity by his mother in the hope we can help cure him. Zwan Family Charity was unable to take on any financial burden at that time. However, Omar was connected with Cure2Children, Sankalp Foundation and People Tree Hospital. HLA testing was done. Advice and education was offered.

Omar is still very young, Zwan Family Charity is striving to keep damage to his body from Thalassemia to a minimum, which makes it much easier to manage his case. Omar‘s brother is a partial match for a bone marrow transplant and other cases of a partial match have been successful however, it doubles the cost of the transplant.

Zwan Family Charity is currently working to provide daily iron-reducing medications to Omar. If funds are available, it would be most beneficial to assist in bringing Omar to Kabul each month for a transfusion of  packed red blood cells. Total cost of meds, travel, transfusion, monthly lab work and 1 night accommodation in Kabul equals approximately 300USD per month. We are now raising funds for Omar’s bone marrow transplant.

We need to raise 25,000USD which will cover the costs of the procedure, travel to India and living costs. Omar would need to live in India for 6-12 months. We have set up a GoFundMe page for little Omar, please click HERE to make your donation!

Thank you!