Our History

Dr Grans Father


There is a saying that “Charity begins at home but it does not end there”.

Our founder, Dr. Gran Zwan, wanted to honor the family he loves by creating a charity in loving memory of his father, Dr. Ahmad Zwan.

Dr. Ahmad Zwan was a military Physician. He served for more than 30 years in the Afghan Armed Forces. It was a noble profession which will never be measured by the pay he received. Instead, it was measured in the number of soldiers he was able to keep alive, strong, and healthy. Dr. Ahmad Zwan taught his children to value all people and to help where they could. Dr. Gran Zwan observed how his father carried out his duties as a Physician and as a father. He wanted to honor his father’s ability to serve all people like they were his own family.

But every human life comes to an end. Dr. Ahmad Zwan died with a peaceful soul, happy with what he did in this world. Now, Dr. Gran is living the words, “but it does not end there.” He continues to serve and value people. He is focusing especially on those people who need his help by using Zwan Family Charity to extend the beliefs and values of his father.