Shahram was 6 months old when he stuck his hands in boiling water. He has had a few surgeries in Kabul but the results have been substandard. The contratures have caused him to lose the ability to hold a pencil so he may have to leave school soon. This would be such a loss as he is smart, charasmatic and has the potential to do great things.

***UPDATE – OCTOBER 2016***

Shahram’s campaign is now fully funded thanks to our generous supporters!! We will now begin the process of preparing Shahram and his Father for their trip to RCFC Hospital ( in Kolkata, India. This will involve applying for their Indian visa’s and pre-travel vaccinations.



***UPDATE – NOVEMBER 2016***

Shahram and his Father have been granted their Indian visa’s! RCFC Hospital eagerly await their arrival in Kolkata! Travel dates will be confirmed shortly!

Below is a photo we recently took when Shahram visited us!



***UPDATE 2 – November 2016***

Shahram has had his final vaccination (Influenza) and we have booked the flight tickets to Kolkata; in a few days time, he will leave Kabul with his Father and a Zwan Family Charity Escort and will arrive in Kolkata to commence treatment to his hands!! Shahram is very excited about going on not one but TWO plane rides!! His Father thanks everyone who have donated and made this trip possible, he is totally overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone around the world who have supported his son!

We will provide an update once Shahram has arrived in Kolkata. Wish this sweet little boy a safe journey and all the best for his upcoming surgery!

***UPDATE 3 – November 2016***

hahram and his Father have arrived in Kolkata and have seen the Surgeon. He will undergo surgery on Friday 25th November, this will be 1 of 4 surgeries he will require. He will also undergo physiotherapy and his little hands will be in splints. Shahram has a cold right now so we are hoping he will be able to receive his surgery on Friday. More updates and photos soon!


Shahram on the aeroplane to India!
















The medical team at RCFC Hospital in Kolkata discussing the treatment plan for Shahram
















***UPDATE 4 – November 2016***

Shahram underwent surgery on his right hand a couple of days ago, the surgery went very well and Shahram is now recovering. Dr Ghosh was able to operate on the entire hand which is fantastic news! The Wound Nurse will visit Shahram on Monday 28th November to change his hand dressing.


Please pray that Shahram continues to recover well enough to begin physiotherapy on his hand.


***UPDATE – December 2016***

Shahram has undergone his 2nd surgery and is recovering well! Please continue to pray for him!


***UPDATE – January 2017*** Shahram has completed all his surgeries and has now returned home to Afghanistan. He is wearing hand splints full time now. He will eventually only need to wear them at night time only until he is 14 years old. The splints will allow the skin to keep growing along with his fingers rather than allow his to contract and tighten.

Shahram’s father sends his gratitude to everyone who donated to his son’s treatment!



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