VPS Sponsored Cardiac Patients



We are extremely proud to announce that the fine people of VPS have generously offered to fund cardiac surgeries for 2 Zwan Family Charity clients. We will be moving our patients, Bibi Hawa and Samiullah, to Bangalore, India, in early May 2016.

VPS Healthcare is an integrated Healthcare provider with a network of hospitals, chain of medical centers, pharmaceutical manufacturing and retail pharmacies across the global healthcare arena.

VPS Healthcare offers a fully integrated healthcare delivery system. They provide primary, secondary and tertiary care with centers of excellence in various specialties.

The VPS Healthcare system boasts 42 operating rooms which includes a hybrid OR. Their expert team of surgeons are performing over 50,000 surgical procedures per year.

You can read more about the work of VPS Healthcare at www.vpshealth.com



Bibi Hawa is 9 months old and from a village outside of Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

She was born with a congential heart defect called Tetrology of Fallot. It is comprised of four defects.

Bibi is tolerating the defect quite well and eats and gains weight. She has some periods of time that she has difficulty breathing. She has at times with slight blueness around the lips.






IMG_4453 (2)

Samiullah is two and a half years old. He had his first cardiac surgery as an infant.

He now needs a second surgery to finish correcting the congenital heart abnormalities he suffers from.







Sami, Bibi and their parents have arrived in Bangalore, India! There were many tears from the little ones on this very long journey from Kabul! However, they are now settled and ready to begin their treatment. They will be admitted to hospital today (26 May) to begin their pre-ops. Please join us in wishing them both a successful surgery and a quick recovery so they can return home to their families.

29th May 2016 – Photos of Bibi and Sami in the hospital in India.  They are undergoing pre-op tests and we hope they will both undergo surgery in the next few days. Please keep these sweet little ones in your prayers!

Sami in India


Bibi in India



Bibi and Samiullah have finally undergone their heart surgeries and are doing well! The next 72 hours are critical for little Bibi but she is recovering well, as is Samiullah. Both children are currently in the ICU – we will update this story once we know more.

Please keep Bibi and Sami in your prayers.


Samiullah is now out of ICU and back on the general ward. He is doing great and is playing and laughing!! Bibi is still in ICU but if off the vent and is eating. Please continue to pray for their speedy recovery!


Bibi and Sami will be discharged from hospital today and will stay in Bangalore for another week before making the journey back to Afghanistan. They have both recovered very well from their surgeries!

Please continue to pray for them and that there are no complications. Thank you to everyone who donated, supported and a special thank you to VPS Healthcare who paid for their surgeries!



Bibi and Sami have returned home and are recovering very well! They tolerated over 24 hours of travelling without too many tears or tantrums and enjoyed their flights! They were cleared by the medical team in Bangalore to return home and we hope they go on to lead full and healthy lives!

Bibi arriving back home and sending everyone a smile and a wave!


Sami giving us one of his beautiful smiles!




****UPDATE – October 2o16****

Since our last post in June, it is with great sadness that we were informed that little Bibi Hawa has passed away. We do not know the full story yet as Bibi’s family live in a remote village but we do know that Bibi is now at peace after her hard struggle in her little short life. She was a joy to know and we will miss her immensely. May she rest in eternal peace.