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Afghanistan has been riddled with confilct for the last 40 years.
Afghans, mainly women, children and the elderly, from all over the country, come to Kabul to find a safe zone.
Kabul is home to Charahi Qambar Camp for internally displaced Afghans to escape the extreme governments and daily fighting in the provinces.
More than 9000 Afghans are now living in Charahi Qambar Camp which is a muddy space that is a little larger than a couple football fields.

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Their shelters are crumbling, open roofs covered with plastic sheets, cracked and brittle tarpaulins that barely protect from the harsh winter that has begun where the temperature drops well below zero. Without any sort of heating, they burn plastic to keep warm inside their makeshift homes, the toxic fumes causing immeasurable health problems and devastating the lungs of the young.

These people have shown tremendous courage, the children against the odds, without education and little to eat, still manage to smile. Many of these smiling faces, in the photographs you see here, won’t survive the coming months.

Every Afghan winter comes with the reality of 100’s of people freezing to death in refugee camps. The bodies are buried and the memories live on but the living conditions remain.

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We cannot change the situation in Afghanistan but we can help to keep these human beings alive.
We desperately need your help to raise money for a winterization program to provide these people with new tarpaulins, blankets, warm clothes and socks, and sleeping bags.
Your help today gives the people of Qambar a tomorrow. Please consider making a donation to help them, no matter how big or small, every penny raised will provide warmth and shelter for those in dire need.

We have composed a video highlighting the plight of the people of Qambar Camp, please click on the link below:


A special thank you to Craig Francis for composing the song for our campaign!

You can visit our GoFundMe campaign page at GoFundMe – Qambar IDP Camp – just click on the link and a new window will open to the campaign page.



We have been truly blessed!! Nomad International ( www.nomadconceptsgroup.com) has offered to move all 1300 tarps into Afghanistan with a down payment now and the rest to be paid as money comes into us.

We are in the final stages of the agreements and we will begin the process

Thank you, Nomad!

However, we still need 17,850USD to get this project completed, please continue to help us to raise the funds urgently needed. For every $25 donated, one family will receive good quality tarps which meet UN standards on quality.

Please see our flyer below:


Thank you for supporting us and the people of Qambar Camp, your donation makes a huge difference to so many lives this winter.

Qambar Girls

A Mother and her child at their ‘home’ in Qambar Camp

Pete Whitbread-Abrutat from Future Terrains recently visited Qambar Camp. Read his moving blog about what he saw during his visit.



A group of friends in Kabul will be running a 30 HOUR Ultra Marathon in aid of Qambar Camp on the 29/30 April 2016. Please support the runners by making donations – just $25 will buy 1 tarp for 1 family! Lets get together and support Dave and his team as they run this challenging marathon to help the folk of Qambar Camp for Internally Displaced Afghan’s.

Visit our GoFundMe page to make your donation – GoFundMe – Qambar IDP Camp

The 30 Hour Ultra Marathon was a huge success and we had a great turnout of runners! One runner managed to run the full 30 hours in extreme heat and high altitude!! We wish to convey our gratitude to all the runners, the staff for providing nutritious snacks and water and all the security which was provided to ensure the event was safe and secure. We also wish to give a huge thank you to Taylors International for donating the entire BBQ, the food was absolutely delicious and the Management and staff worked extremely hard in the days leading up to the event and on the actual day itself! Thank you, everyone!



The delicious BBQ donated by Taylors International to celebrate the end of the 30 Hour Ultra Marathon


***UPDATE*** September 2016


Winter is just around the corner. It can get bitterly cold in Kabul and many Afghan’s die, especially children and the elderly. Since December 2015, we have raised $24,855, please help us raise the remaining $10,145 before winter arrives. Lets Keep Qambar Warm this winter!


Just $25 will purchase a tarp for 1 family.


Visit our GoFundMe page to make your pledge! GoFundMe – Qambar IDP Camp


***UPDATE*** November 2016


Winter has almost arrived in Kabul, the temperatures have now dropped and the Afghan people are starting to burn whatever they can to keep warm at night. We continue to raise funds to pay for the tarpaulins which are desperately needed by the people of Qambar Camp. The residents have fled war and conflict and often arrive in Kabul with only the clothes on their backs. Unemployment is high so earning an income to provide for their families is extremely difficult.


Help us to give these people a little comfort and protection from the impending sub-zero temperatures and snow that will arrive soon. Winter in Afghanistan can be brutally cold, the young and old often die due to a lack of adequate shelter and warmth from the inclement weather. Please help us to Warm Up Qambar Camp this winter. Make your donation today by clicking HERE


Thank you.

***UPDATE*** December 2016 Friends of Zwan Family Charity will be holding a 24 Hour Marathon on the 9th & 10th December in order to raise much needed funds to purchase tarpaulins in Qambar Camp. Please support this magnificent event! You can make a pledge by visiting our GoFundMe page by clicking HERE

Just $25 will purchase 1 tarpaulin per family!



***Marathon Update*** Well, TWO marathons were simultaneously held on a beach in the United Kingdom and a compound somewhere in Afghanistan on the 9th/10th December – what an amazing event! We raised USD5797 from both marathons – an amazing amount of money! Thank you to everyone who gave up two days to run and to those who supported the runners!



The British Team who ran on a cold and wet beach in the UK!


The Afghan Team who ran in bitterly cold & smoggy conditions in Afghanistan!

***UPDATE – January 2017***

More families received tarps for their homes over the holidays and in January – as the weather conditions in Kabul are abysmal, the tarps were very much welcomed by the families! A huge thank you goes out to Dave Lavery & his Raven Rae team, Pete from Future Terrains and Neil from Taylors International for giving up their time to visit the families at Camp Qambar – it was a great team effort by all!


***UPDATE – May 2017***

Zwan Family Charity are pleased to announce that the Keep Qambar Warm Campaign is now fully funded! Families of the camp have received their tarpaulins and are now better protected from the elements! Thank you to everyone who donated, run marathons and those who worked behind the scenes to ensure the success of this huge project!